Cibo Meals

Cibo (chee-bo) is the Italian word for food. We are a fun and convenient way to spice up your dinners and lunches with fresh, creative, and internationally-inspired meals delivered right to your home or office in reusable, environmentally friendly Mason jars. There are many options out there for meal delivery services that deliver ingredients and recipes to cook yourself, but what about when you want a meal that is nutritious and ready-to-eat within five minutes? That is where Cibo Meals comes in, saving you from dining out or ordering take-out food that can be both unhealthy and costly. Based on a simple vegetarian diet, using a wide variety of produce, ancient grains, pasta, herbs, and most importantly, creativity, Cibo Meals is a new alternative to other meal delivery services, restaurants, and fast-food options. We are here to offer you la bella vita (the good life) in your meal choices!

Catering Delivered Meals

Emily Green

Phone: (720) 530-3140

Open all hours ~ Delivery available on Wednesdays 3:00-6:30 p.m.

Our Patron Members

Intermountain Healthcare Lutheran
The Abo Group
Red Rocks Toffee Company
Rohrer Residential
GMD - Granite & Marble Designs
Rocky Mountain Insurance Network
Community Table Food Bank
Aim High Chiropractic
Ramos Law
Taste Life Nutrition
SpayToday Healthy Pet Center
Wheat Ridge Theatre Company

Since joining the WRBA, I have made some of the best connections for my business! The sense of community, support, customers and friendships I’ve made have been invaluable to my business.

Emily Green, Owner, Cibo Meals