Jefferson County Business Lobby

JCBL Day at the Capitol 2019

WRBA is a member of the Jefferson County Business Lobby (JCBL). The JCBL works with a lobbyist to ensure that our voice as small business owners are well represented at the State Legislation level. They provide us with information and updates to the issues that are relevant to us so that we can stay current with changes or decisions that affect us directly. WRBA’s Government Relations Committee (GRC) is our faucet of communication to the JCBL.

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Know what’s coming down the pike at the Capitol

Bill tracker helps you to know what issues are coming up and require your quick action.

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JCBL Updates

Here are some of the recent updates from JCBL to keep you in the know. You can receive these updates emailed to you by signing up from THIS LINK

JCBL Legislative Update: June 2, 2020

2019 Legislative Session Recap


JCBL Legislative Update: New employment laws are a major agenda item for the Colorado Legislature

JCBL NEWS UPDATE: CO Dept of Revenue to issue emergency sales tax rules Dec 1 with major impact on many JeffCo businesses

JCBL: 2018 Election Report

JCBL Legislative Update: Colorado’s 2019 budget to spend new revenue on transportation, PERA reforms and K-12

JCBL Legislative Update: At the halfway mark, a tentative deal on new transportation funding.

JCBL Legislative Update: Four transportation funding measures filed for the November 2018 ballot

JCBL Legislative Update: JeffCo’s legislators are leading the way on the top business issues in 2018


Our Patron Members

Since joining the WRBA, I have made some of the best connections for my business! The sense of community, support, customers and friendships I’ve made have been invaluable to my business.

Emily Green, Owner, Cibo Meals