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I’m Nikki Burnett, I’m a functional Nutritionist, Founder of Taste Life Nutrition, and host of Taste Life Nutrition Radio & Podcast, Real, Raw Health, and Functional Friday.

We see so many of us are high achievers, the go-getter, the super motivated to succeed - but something keeps getting in the way - Pain, fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety, or the many other symptoms that you may experience - all can stop you in your tracks!

The best thing we do at TLN is help free you from what is holding you back so you can feel great, thrive, do more of what you love.

To achieve this, we do a bit of detective work to uncover the root cause of your symptoms. We dig deep into your lifestyle and history then back it up by functional lab testing to gather data. This helps guide us to make sustainable changes to create a balanced, healthy lifestyle so you can take charge of your life.

We are your partner in your health so you can find your freedom and reclaim your energy, vitality, and success. Food is life – Taste Life!

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Nikki Burnett

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