Abundant Business Connections

We give big corps #SmallBizEnvy. We brand you as a #LocalLegend in the community like they can only dream of.


-An all-local marketing agency that just gets you and your business?
-One that doesn’t support icky big corp marketing clients but does use their sponsorship branding approach to market small businesses?
-AND one that creates #LocalLegend status and word of mouth referrals in a suuuper simple way?

That's us!

Clients come to us when they experience problems like these:

❗ Their current marketing does not provide a sufficient platform for establishing industry expertise and doesn't provide an ROI.

❗ Their marketing channels do not engender a connection to the local communities they serve or provide anything of value which creates a void in opportunities for building relationships between their business and local residents.

❗ They haven't yet found a trusted, local marketing professional that actually cares about their business and their local community.

❗ Their current marketing channels are not backed by extensive research that defines the precise demographics of community members and their suitability to their industry target market.

Any of these sounding familiar?

We’ll show you how to solve these problems by redirecting your marketing dollars to highly engaging gratitude-based branding opportunities that consumers love!

(1) Build a relationship with the communities you serve in ways that make them feel good about your brand, refer you to others, and become customers for life.

(2) Get you more REFERRALS.

We work with GO-GIVER / GO-GETTER business owners in the following industries:

- Home Services
- Personal Services
- Wealth Management
- Education Services
- Pet Services
- Food & Beverage
- Retail
- Medical / Dental

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Meg Smit | Publisher - Applewood Living, Golden Living, The Ridge | Owner - Abundant Business Connections

Phone: (720) 295-9588


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Being a part of the WRBA has given me support as an entrepreneur! They  are helpful in many ways including networking, motivation, guidance and  inspiration! So glad to be a part of this community of professionals!

Brandy M