Ribbon Cuttings Pierogies Factory and Gelaffle Cafe

Pierogies Factory and Gelaffle Cafe, 2 great businesses in 1 location. Come help us welcome the Pierogies Factory to their new location and welcome their new business, Gelaffle Cafe. Councilperson Kristi Davis will cut the ribbons at these new locations open to serve delicious pierogies and other delicacies and gelatto and espresso coffees.

Dare: Thursday, August 29, 5-6pm
Cost: Free
Location: Pierogies Factory and Gelaffle Cafe (2)
Address: 3795 Wadsworth #106
Member: Wheat Ridge Business Association
Contact: sales@whiteeaglefoods.com

Being a part of the WRBA has given me support as an entrepreneur! They  are helpful in many ways including networking, motivation, guidance and  inspiration! So glad to be a part of this community of professionals!

Brandy M